Monday, January 2, 2012

I noticed so many nice things today.

Nice things about the yurt this morning:

Breeze coming in through the screen windows
Yoga mat fit precisely on the rug
Sun spot landed next to yoga mat so Molly could sunbathe while I did yoga
A sense of harmony and communication among dogs and people
Ethereal-looking dried out mustard plants shining in the field
Lots of quiet
A sense of permeability between the inside and the outside
Steam rising from the tea kettle
Collected 3 big eggs
Food to eat in the fridge, bought for me by Ben
Windows open, heater off
Warm sunlight on wood
The sound of one of the young roosters learning to crow for the first time (mixed feelings about this one)
Time spent wondering why roosters crow so early and so loud
Even the chickens seem relaxed
Beautiful new Christmas gifts
Glistening green grass

Endless to-do list forming in head
Woke up feeling anxious
Overdrafted bank account somehow
Out of cereal and bread
A hen (Eva) is brooding but I don't know whether I can handle more chicken poop
Want to go on walks but worried about coyotes and leaving Grushka behind
Only one more year left as a twenty-something
The ever-present challenge of wanting to be a better yoga teacher
No bathroom

I am proud that hardly any of the items on the "challenge" list are yurt-related problems. If I had made a list last week, the entire list would have been yurt-related. I feel satisfied that I have been able to take on the responsibility for my own happiness by fixing what bothered me. Having a comfortable home is more important than I've ever realized. Perhaps cleaning and decorating are not the banal domestic chores I've always thought they were. My mind feels decluttered and my breath is more relaxed.

I think I'm being honest when I say that my worries don't feel quite so overwhelming when they are contained in this spaciousness. I am in love with the yurt right now. It feels like a safe haven. Protected, yet open.


  1. I would be delighted to share a cup of instant coffee with you in the yurt any time. I will bring the biscotti