Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Please come to my nature club."

I'm behind on the blog again, or at least it feels that way. The building is moving so fast that it is hard to keep up. Even as I compose this post, I can hear the guys hammering outside and I feel rushed to capture this moment so I can go back out and capture the next. Every little change feels like a milestone. First we could climb a ladder to the bedroom, then there were stairs, then the frame of the walls, then we could climb into the other loft, and on and on.

 We traveled to Iowa for a visit, and it felt like an important part of the building process, as if we were researching what is 'home.' Ben was sweetly interested in looking through my elementary school writing and pictures. I can't believe how little I have changed.
SARAH, PLEASE. This invitation still stands.
Not easy to leave Iowa and this homemade breakfast treatment from my mom and Jeff! Turmeric blueberry muffins.
When we returned from the trip, there were more framed walls in place, the baby chicks were much bigger, and it felt like spring.

Before Iowa trip, looking down into living room towards the window seat

Similar angle after the trip. Now you can see the floor of the loft.
Ben and Sya standing in the bedroom, Johnathan below in the kitchen.
After our trip, here's the bedroom from a different angle, and now it has framed walls. That's Carlos up there working.

Ben's construction look
His Iowa winter look
And this update would be incomplete without a mention of our Chicken Mansion 2.0! We worked so hard to get this coop going, and the chickens seem to love it.
I'm speechless with love for this coop.

I'm proud of our oak branch roosts--they are from our trees, and apparently it's good for chickens' feet to sleep on branches. Plus I love how zen the coop looks right now.

Good night, sweet flock! They love the branches.

I had to help a couple of roosters find their place in the new coop on the first night. They're easy to catch when they're asleep. These guys even fell back asleep while I was holding them! (this is Bowie and Olaf)

The babies Lilly and I bought at the local feed store are growing so fast. they're now in a bigger brooder, the final step before I let them out with the rest of the birds. I believe they're about a month old now.

She now has seven babies, and they are all living inside the coop where they are safer and doing very well.

I'll give you a few more views of the house and of springtime on our land before I go see what new walls have been constructed, what new lupines have bloomed...

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