Tuesday, February 17, 2015

La Primera Pared

The first walls went up today! The frames, anyway.  We can't believe how calmly such big change can happen. Giovanni and Carlos speak Spanish together while they work, so when Ben came in to tell me the wall was about to go up, he asked, "How do you say 'wall' in Spanish?" as if the progress isn't real unless we can say it in two languages. We ran out with the camera to admire the wall, practicing the phrase "primera pared" and trying to articulate both its soft and hard consonants.

I'm a little sick and groggy from cold meds. This weekend Ben had the flu and I had a bad cold. The last time we were sick was after the wedding, so it's somehow not surprising that we also got sick after the pouring of the foundation. Even good changes demand energy and then demand that we rest. After sleeping for nearly two days, it was amazing to see the building go on so quickly and smoothly today.
Hoisting the first wall! This is where the window seat will be!

Starting to see Jane's brilliant placement of everything, and how it allows in the best possible views

Celebratory dog dance

Even the chickens can't resist playing on the new structure.
In other news, we are finally getting a steady supply of eggs again, now that some of the chick-raising is done and the new generation is old enough to lay.

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