Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Foundation

What a day we had on Friday (the 13th!). Five trucks' worth of concrete was poured into our foundation. It's not just our foundation, but it's our actual floor. So, for the first time, we are now able to stand on our real floor.

It's comforting yet mind-boggling to think of how many steps we will take in that rectangle of concrete. So far I have taken about ten steps, but how many steps will I take in the course of the rest of our lives? Millions? Billions? I wish the floor had a built-in fitbit to tally our footprints.

We created a time capsule of sorts to bury in the concrete beneath the front door (pictured below). On it we wrote a set of 'vows' saying how we promise to care for the land and our home. We printed a set, included a picture from our wedding, slid everything into a sealed-off piece of PVC pipe for protection, and stuck it in the wet cement. Maybe in thousands of years, if someone ever tears down the house, they'll notice that odd little orange pipe that says, "2015, Open." Or maybe not.

Lots of pictures today.

With our vows, now preserved in the concrete under the threshhold

I don't know what we're talking about, but we're standing in front of the future front door, and we just put our vows in the cement.
This is the scene at the top of the hill where Marsha and Ira helped direct the trucks down the hill.
Such a choreographed group endeavor

The wet concrete starting to cover up the deep infrastructures. That tubing is our in-floor heating!

Pouring the final quadrant. Don't they look kind of heroic?

That 10x10 pad is for the chicken coop. They made sure they had enough for this, even before finishing the house. Then the chickens walked all over it and left their footprints. Very cute.

Love this one!

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